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Founded in 1997 was developed as a family hosting solution that has grown into a fully fledged Internet Hosting Group.

After many years of hosting with some of the largest internet groups of the time, we found the inefficient systems and quality of service lacked as it does, still today with so many cheap hosting packages and services, that we decided to purchase our own Dell Servers and leased lines, with our own support staff.

Since that day has grown into a Secure Datacentre in Manchester, giving our customers the widest possible selection of carriers and network providers.

We at still use tier-1 Dell servers to this day due to the reliability and support, and with the power and resilience of VMware Virtual Server technology we can offer high quality, high-speed virtual servers that we can all rely on.

Customers trust us to deliver hosting solutions that help them do and achieve more due to our customer-centric approach. Be part of all this by contacting one of our team today.