BromleyNet only provide a customer service level commitment (CSLC) in respect of business products. The home products are priced very competitively and for this reason do not have an CSLC, although Bromleynet do strive to provide a reliable service.

  • Bromleynet aim to provide a high quality reliable service based on its own infrastructure, but Bromleynet are unable to provide service level commitments in respect of any third party suppliers.
  • Our 99.99% uptime commitment covers server and network uptime only i.e. our servers being physically switched on and with an active Internet connection.
  • Any calculation of network availability shall not include any unavailability resulting from (a) scheduled network and/or server maintenance; (b) third party unavailability; (c) DNS related issues; (d) end user connectivity issues; or (e) any other issue outside of the control of Bromleynet Limited.
  • Service Levels - When tickets are logged the support representative will agree the severity level with the support contact. We would recommend that Emergency level calls are made via telephone.
  • First Response: means maximum time during the working day (9.00am -5.30 pm) from your initial contact to being contacted by a competent support consultant and commencement of investigation.
  • Response Frequency: means maximum frequency of feedback to your contact.
  • Escalate In: means the number of working days after which your primary support contact and your account manager are advised that the ticket has not yet been resolved and closed.
  • 1 - Emergency - Live system is unavailable. User unable to service board level executives. Time critical process is stopped. Security is compromised. 1 hour Response Frequency 4 hours.
  • 2 – Urgent - Data corruption or inaccuracy (with evidence). Cannot service normal periodic delivery to execs. Scheduled development or testing halted. 4 hours Response Frequency 2 days.
  • 3 - Normal - Any problem with available workaround. 1 day Response Frequency 4 days.
  • 4 - Background - Automation failures or over-runs. Document distribution failures. System performance issues. A suspected but un-evidenced problem. An intermittent problem that cannot be replicated at will. Documentation issues. Cosmetic or formatting issues. Carbon-based problems. 3 days Response Frequency 8 days.

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