New threats are emerging every day. Stay ahead of them.

26 September 2014

Advanced malware is evolving, and it’s smarter than conventional defenses. First-generation sandboxing isn’t enough to stop these next-generation network threats. You need to be smarter than the threat.

Our practical guide for small, mid-sized, and distributed enterprises walks you through the characteristics of next-generation malware and how to stop it.

The Practical Guide to Combating Advanced Malware comes to you from WatchGuard. WatchGuard APT Blocker gives you unprecedented 4-front security against advanced malware:

  • Next-generation sandbox
  • Full code emulation
  • Real-time visibility
  • Actionable information

Stay ahead of threats with the step-by-step, Practical Guide to Combating Advanced Malware.  Download it now!  Would you rather talk to an expert? Access our Live Chat now on the left.

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