Co-Location Services

BromleyNet provides a scalable co-location environment allowing us to provide innovative Co-Location solutions for large and small businesses. Specialist Co-Location hosting can be custom-designed to your specifications. All our services provide the flexibility, reliability and level of service that a serious business requires.

  • BromleyNet provides rack space, Internet and power connection, firewalled border security, and security for the building
  • You manage the operating system, updates and security, or we can manage the servers for you. We build the package to suit your needs.

Locate and manage your own hardware and software in our BromleyNet secure data cabinets.

Our services are provided from a Secure Carbon Neutral Datacentre in Manchester giving our customers the widest possible selection of carriers and network providers.

  • The data centre is diversely connected by some of the world’s largest transit and dark fibre providers giving you the choice and selection your business deserves
  • Chloride energy efficient UPS systems and N+1 Scania Generators can take the full load of the building should a mains power failure occur
  • Airedale HVAC system provides redundant under floor cooling with the ambient temperature kept at a constant 22degreesC with 50% humidity
  • Fire Detection and Suppression provide the most efficient non-water based data centre fire detection/suppression system available on the market today having both FM-200 and VESDA above and below the raised floor, giving complete data centre coverage and protection

Our highly skilled engineers help deliver and manage challenging projects economically and efficiently making BromleyNet the one-stop hosting provider to keep your system functional, stable and resiliant.

BromleyNet's commitment means your business can rely on our team for long-term support of your online project.

To discuss your Co-Location requirements and what BromleyNet can do to reduce costs and boost performance, please use our contact form or call +44(0)3300 881115 and a member of our support team will advise you.