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BromleyMail provides entrepreneurs and sole proprietors to large corporations, with powerful enterprise-level E-mail features and collaboration tools, including:

Smart Phones Email Synchronization

BromleyMail Hosted SmarterMail systems provide a service that is reliable, easy to use, easy to learn, safe, and accessible from anywhere. It is the cost-effective Microsoft Exchange alternative, bringing enterprise-level functionality to you and your business that is backed by a knowledgeable support and technical staff.

BromleyMail features a rich webmail interface; collaboration; reporting; throttling; synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile devices; and an event-driven architecture that provides automated actions and notifications.

To discuss your email requirements and what BromleyMail can do to reduce costs and boost performance, please use our contact form or call +44(0)3300 881115 and a member of our support team will advise you.