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Imagine the power, productivity and reliability of Google search across your organization's website and documents. With our BromleySearch hosted Google Mini or Google Search Co-Location services you can.

BromleySearch provide a completely managed Google Search service, from initial setup and installation through to the point of delivering your first search results. With our Google Mini hosting and co-location service's your site search is made easy either using our onsite Google Search Appliances or you can have your Google Mini or Google Search Appliance delivered direct to our secure Carbon Neutral datacentre in Manchester, where we will configure it for you and install it in one of our racks.

In addition to the physical security, your Mini or GSA will share in the all-important power services, air cooling and the widest possible selection of carriers and network providers that covers all our servers.

By adding the powerful Google search to your corporate data, not only gives your employees a familiar search interface, but makes lost, misplaced documents easier to find, allowing staff to be more productive.

On public facing websites, up to 85% of visitors will leave a site if the search results are poor. Make your information easier to find for and watch the increase in conversion and page views. Google Search Appliances can even make it easy to submit your website for inclusion in search results.

Host your Google Search Appliances with BromleySearch and index and search up to 300,000 documents of over 220 different file formats, including html, PDF, gif and Microsoft Office. Once setup, simply point the search box to your content, and your organization's digital assets are instantly searchable.

For more information about Google Mini, GSA, hosting or management, please use our contact form or call +44(0)3300 881115 and a member of our support team will advise you.