WatchGuard AuthPoint - 1 year

WatchGuard AuthPoint 1 year user license for Android and iOS.

Manufacturer: WatchGuard
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This product has a minimum quantity of 5
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The WatchGuard AuthPoint user license allows businesses to request additional  proof of identity before granting access to protected resources. Add two-factor authentication to VPNs, desktops, servers and cloud based applications with the AuthPoint app for Android and iOS. Users can choose between three options for authentication:

Push-Base Authentication (online): see who is trying to authenticate and where, approve or block access with just one touch
QR Code-Based Authentication (offline): read a unique, encrypted QR code and type in a response to finalise authentication
Time-Based One-Time Password (OTP) (offline): retrieve a time-based, one-time password to enter during login


This license is per user, not mobile device, with a minimum order quantity of 5 licenses.