WatchGuard DNSWatchGo

WatchGuard DNSWatchGo extends your WatchGuard protection to user's endpoints* outside the network. This cloud-based service provides domain-level protection, content filtering and integrated security awareness training without the need for VPN. Outbound DNS requests are monitored and correlated against WatchGuard's aggregated intelligence and endpoints are stopped from talking to malicious infrastructure.

*currently supported: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

DNSWatchGo also allows you to prevent your users from accessing inapproprate content, even when they are on the go. 130 pre-defined content categories enable filtering and blocking of access to risky areas on the web.

DNSWatchGo not only protects but also educates your users. When an email or link is clicked that DNSWatch has identified as a phishing attempt the user is redirected to a game that highlights the warning signs of a phishing attack and also provides action to take.

DNSWatchGo is a standalone product and doesn't require a Firebox.

How DNSWatchGo works:
DNSWatchGo How it works

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WatchGuard DNSWatchGo - 1 year

WatchGuard DNSWatchGo 1 year user license.
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WatchGuard DNSWatchGo - 3 year

WatchGuard DNSWatchGo 3 year user license.
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