WatchGuard Installation Support

Get remote support with one of our engineers to help set up your WatchGuard Firewall.
Manufacturer: Bromleynet
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WatchGuard Firewalls have been designed to give your network the best protection available against today's increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. As with most things though your firewall will only protect you if it has been configured correctly.

One of our engineers will work with you to guide you through setting up, configuring and testing your new WatchGuard Firewall. Our remote installation service includes more than just configuring your device; because you will be working with the engineer you will learn not just the 'How-to' but also the 'Why'. At the end of the 2 hour session you will not only have a working configuration but will also have learnt the basics on how to drive your WatchGuard device.

To allow us to make the most of your time slot you will be asked to complete a questionnaire prior to your session. Your assigned engineer will then agree a plan with you of what can be achieved in the session. Any additional tasks can be provided using our adhoc support options, your engineer will discuss these options with you if applicable.

This service is aimed at new devices or ones that have been factory reset. If you are looking for support to migrate an existing configuration from one WatchGuard Firewall to another please give us a call on 03300 881114.

Please note: If you purchase your new WatchGuard Firewall through us then this service is included as standard at no extra cost.