WatchGuard T70 Leads the Pack with UTM and HTTPS Throughput Performance

05 October 2016

WatchGuard is known for pushing the boundaries of power and performance of UTM network security appliances. The new Firebox T70 represents another huge step forward for what our customers can expect from a tabletop appliance. Now, midsize businesses and distributed enterprises can benefit from the strongest, highest performing tabletop appliance available in the market. In fact, when we saw the performance results of the T70 we almost didn’t believe it ourselves. WatchGuard selected Miercom to validate our performance testing due to their undisputed reputation as the leading, independent product test center. Read on for the results!

Putting the T70 to the Test

Miercom tested the Firebox T70 against similar appliances from industry competitors to see if any could keep pace with the remarkable performance provided by the WatchGuard solution.

The testers began by establishing baseline numbers using HTTP and HTTPS traffic without any security services turned on. Next, the testers began sequentially enabling security features to determine the effect on the overall appliance throughput. The testing then focused on the loading effect that additional security functions place on the throughput performance of the appliance.

The Results

The WatchGuard Firebox T70 blew the competition away, providing over 1 Gbps throughput with full UTM features enabled. Wait… what? That’s right, with full UTM enabled WatchGuard could still deliver over 1 Gbps of HTTP throughput, representing 40% more than Dell’s, nearly double Sophos’ and three times Fortinet’s throughput.

The Firebox T70 is even more impressive with HTTPS throughput performance, showing a processing rate well over 600 Mbps of encrypted traffic. With full UTM features enabled, the Firebox T70 performed at over 3.5 times the throughput of the closest competitor!

Ready to see how your network security solution stacks up to the NEW Firebox T70? Download the full Miercom report today!