WatchGuard's T30 and T50 Brings Security and Convenience to the Distributed Enterprise

03 November 2015

Firebox T30 and T50 appliances deliver high-performance, enterprise-grade security from an easy to configure, deploy, and manage tabletop appliance that is perfect for franchise environments

Faster, more widely accessible connectivity is enabling organizations to be more distributed than ever before. In addition to securing the communications between a traditional corporate headquarters and remote employee sites, many distributed enterprises must also support multiple locations which operate like a typical small business. This relationship between a centralized entity and many independent business locations is especially common in the retail, hospitality, medical, and financial industries and creates very unique network security challenges. For these organizations, centralized security policy is critical, as is the ease of deployment of the security solution at the remote business location. The ability to maintain visibility across their entire network is equally as important for compliance reporting, health monitoring, and business intelligence purposes. Access to value-added services, such as secure wireless, is also a huge benefit.

"Organizations are becoming increasingly decentralized and it is our responsibility to deliver security solutions to operate seamlessly within those distributed environments," said Andrew Young, vice president of product management, WatchGuard. "In addition to consolidating critical network and security functions into a single, centrally managed platform, we've made it our mission to make our solutions easy to deploy, easy to manage, and generally accessible to companies of all sizes."

WatchGuard's T- series of tabletop UTM appliances are ideal for remote sites, branch offices, and SMBs. Their small form factor makes them easy to conceal in environments where there is most likely not a dedicated datacenter and their new built-in power over Ethernet (PoE) port makes it easier than ever to add secure wireless services with a WatchGuard Access Point.

"NCR hosted solutions leverage WatchGuard for network security and to help ensure PCI compliance for thousands of installations in North America. For NCR, being able to get our hospitality customers up and running quickly and without heavy reliance on technical resources on site is critical," explains Dustin McCreight, product manager, Network and Security Services, NCR Corporation. "Installations used to take anywhere from 60-90 minutes per site. By standardizing on WatchGuard for network security, we were able to decrease the average installation time by more than 75 percent - now averaging anywhere from 15-20 per site. We just plug the appliance in, it establishes a connection and pulls the configuration file. We are then up and running; and free to focus our time on testing credit card processing and access to approved web sites."

All of WatchGuard's Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances include access to the company's unique, RapidDeploy feature which enables centralized IT teams to pre-configure appliances for quick and non-technical installation at distributed remote sites. This feature is especially ideal for retailers, hospitality chains, healthcare co-ops, and other Distributed Enterprises. Also standard with all WatchGuard appliances is access to Dimension, the company's award-winning, actionable threat intelligence platform*. Dimension aggregates data from all WatchGuard appliances across a customer's network and translates that data into visually rich and actionable information. With Dimension, customers can easily see not only what is going on in their network but proactively take steps, faster than ever before, to update their security policy immediately, right from the reporting dashboards, to stop malicious sites, applications and users.

WatchGuard's Firebox T30 and T50
WatchGuard Firebox T30 and T50 consolidate the most important network and network security functions in one tabletop platform. Offered as both a wired and a wireless solution, the products provide high-performance, enterprise-grade network security to small and medium sized organizations and distributed enterprises alike.

  • High Performance – Enhanced firewall speeds up to 1.2 Gbps and UTM security speeds up to 165 Mbps to enable modern encryption and usage trends.
  • PoE Port for Easy Wi-Fi Upgrade – Eliminate the need to have AC power running to peripheral devices. All T30 and T50 products come standard with one Power over Ethernet (PoE) port, which allows the painless deployment of technology like access points or security cameras.
  • Integrated 802.11ac Wireless – Enjoy faster, more reliable Wi-Fi with the latest 802.11 ac wireless standard is available on both the T30-W and T50-W models.
  • Rapid Deploy – Preconfigure appliances for secure branch office/remote deployment without the need for technical staff to travel to deployment sites.
  • Advanced Malware Detection – Catch malware that signature-only AV solutions miss. Next-generation sandboxing in the cloud with full system emulation (CPU and memory) provides visibility into every instruction that malware executes, not just the operating system calls, to expose evasive behavior that other sandbox solutions do not see.
  • Actionable Threat Intelligence** – Leverage a centralized, real-time view into all network activity with the power to take immediate action against harmful sites and users.
  • Crypto co-processing for SHA-2 – Increase performance while meeting compliance standards that require an upgrade from older crypto algorithms like SHA-1.

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